Horses are more than amazing athletes, elegant dancers and mythical spiritual creatures. They are therapists of excellence.

What happens when a 500 kg athlete enters a therapy session? We get 100 % honest feedback on our approach from a master in body language. Horses are reflections to our attitudes and behavior, they read humans as open books and react instantly to what they read.

When being with horses you can achieve a deeper insight to your own thoughts and patterns, you can get help to find new ways to encounter situations and challenges you meet in daily life. Horses can release the difficult word that needs to be said, or they can untie the emotional knot  – just by being a horse.

By the way of the horses you can learn more about being a human; you kan learn how to improve lifeskills on many levels. You can learn how to cope life, how to turn what has been regarded as weakness into strength, you can learn about boundaries and communication. After a meeting with horses you are given a set of keys to unlock the mysteries of life.


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