storytelling [stɔ:rɪtɛlɪŋ]


A social and cultural activity to entertain, educate, preserve culture and promote moral values conveyed verbally, in writing and multimodally



I’m Marit. A storyteller with a passion for human-horse relations and other relations. My mission is to share stories of impact, that makes you think, rethink and/or unthink

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in a new perspective

I have developed my way of thinking through interacting with horses. They have shown me the way on days I didn’t think there was any way forward. They have shown me opportunities when I thought there was no hope. They gave me a kick in the arse when I was about to give up. They have shown me honesty when my life-lies were about to override my life. They have shown me confidence when I felt I deserved it least. They have shown me the presence of the moment when I was lost in the pain of the past or worries for the future. They have shown me joy when mourning took over. They have shown me strength when weakness was about to break me. They have given me the spark when the life was about to fail. 

My journey has been full of storms and shear in the sea. Being close to horses has taught me how to maneuver through the challenges. It has given me a set of keys that allow me to unlock the mysterious doors of life, to see a bigger picture and to understand. I opened my eyes and saw myself through the horses’ behavior. I learned to listen to the signals from the horses, signals that originally came from myself. I learned to listen to my own inner voice. I found the balance of life when it stormed the worst. The horses have shaped me like humans, they have been steady guides in rugged terrain. Their wisdom is with me in every aspect of life, their lesson is integrated into me.