Marit has always had a passion for books and horses, in that order, she has now taken a big leap from reading books and riding horses (not entirely true – she is still reading) to writing books about horses – and a wide range of other topics. She calls herself a documentary-geek, yet she tend also to write fictional short stories and screenplays (just for fun). 

Unconditionally was her first book and is now relaunched as an ebook. The years in between she has spent on collecting life experiences, writing numerous short stories filed up somewhere and studying rhetoric and psychology. The next book(s), the Corporate Horse Sense book series, is an idea she’s entertained for years. She has finally managed to catch the story by its tail, as Elizabeth Gilbert so eloquently calls it, and will shed light on human-horse interaction.



– I write, therefore I am

One day I discovered what I thought was normal, was not. I discovered that people experienced a-ha moments when I shared my everyday observations and stories. I discovered that my view and perspective on life amused, inspired and triggered people.

That amuses, inspires and triggers me to keep writing.




an incomplete manual for how to live your life


Reader experiences

  • Unconditionally is more than a book. It is a toolbox. It is the way out of locked patterns, it is the map of your inner you. Unconditionally is the light, the joy and the flow.
  • An important book for those who have experienced loss
  • At first, I didn't know if I could believe this to be true, that someone can describe and put words on all the mess I feel inside. Then I started to cry.."


  • Marit Segbo has written a lovely self-development book, with a coaching touch. (...) The book challenges you and is filled with open-ended questions that make us reflect on a deep level on various aspects of loss, feelings about loss, how to get on and find back to all the brightness in life.
    Elisabeth HaegelandJournalist | Medium Magazine


It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it

Aristotle in Metaphysics




Little did I know when I, as an eight year old took my first trembling steps in the house of horses – the stable – and met a scary creature disguised in the furry coat of a Dartmoor pony, that I, as a grown-up, would end up owning my own ponies and horses and involving them in my business for helping people overcome their fears. I came over my own fears, mostly because of my stubbornness and a little because of a beautiful, gentle thoroughbred. Horses were, to me, the most beautiful animals on earth so I couldn’t go around being afraid of them, ponies I had a more ambivalent relationship to for years.
When being with horses magic can happen. Not because the horses are magical animals, but because we have to be aware. If we are not aware, we can be harmed because they are big animals living by their instincts. We have to learn to read their body language. We have to learn how our own body language affects them. By combining those components – and a few more – to learn how to use the awareness of oneself the horses naturally evoke, that’s when you can experience magical things.

My goal with this book series is to shine a light on the human-horse interaction. A trending method in psychotherapy, at-risk-youth programs, leadership programs and team building, and self-improvement. Interaction with horses can lead to a change where you start to put yourself in the driver’s seat of your own life, personal or professional because you learn new strategies on what to do when something scares you and you don’t want to quit. Like I had to find strategies for how not to be eaten by that Dartmoor pony. It can also lead to no change at all, that you feel something is holding you back or pressing you down, but you are too afraid to open up and see what it is and do the changes required. Like when the pony stepped on my toe at our first intervention, and how I didn’t dare to poke her to get her off my foot in case she then wanted to eat me instead, so I stood in silence hoping for the pain and pony to disappear on its own.

The magic can only be experienced if we are willing to be an active participant in our own life. One day, if you are open to it, you realise that the [metaphorical] pony you were so afraid of actually isn’t a cause of danger at all because you have learned how to handle her.