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    The Horse Dancer

    Once in awhile, I need to dive deep into a novel free from bloody criminal cases or real-life dramas. As drawn to horse stories as I am, a novel with both the word “horse” in the title AND an illustration of a horse on the cover, has to be good. I have been let down before but this didn’t let me down.

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  • Tony Robbins mansplaining, Line Heggelund Art Work

    It troubles me

    It troubles me. The Tony Robbins video we all have seen the last couple of weeks. I’m not sure what troubles me the most, though. Whether it is how he addressed women who have been sexually assaulted standing up for…

  • The journey of writing

    Finding the angle

    The other day a friend forwarded a song to me, U2’s “Getting out of your own way”. This spoke to me with capital letters. So I listen to it back to back for a while, before I started to play…

  • Reflections

    The Danger of Diving in to Deep

    Recently, I took up an old hobby of mine, riding, and after, or maybe during, the first lesson the alarm clocks started chiming. Intensely. With the same intensity, my already overloaded brain started to figure out how life would look…

  • Reflections

    A Writer’s Realisations

    The algorithms of Facebook work mysterious ways, more often not so mysterious. Because I once in a while browsing through various pages that in one or several ways are related to the art of writing, my Facebook feed is filled…

  • The journey of writing

    A beginning

    It is 2010 and I experience an EUREKA moment. It was merely a name of the concept but it was a beginning. Corporate Horse Sense is born. The year before, my dream had turned into a nightmare. My horse business…

  • Horse


    Horses are more than amazing athletes, elegant dancers and mythical spiritual creatures. They are therapists of excellence. What happens when a 500 kg athlete enters a therapy session? We get 100 % honest feedback on our approach from a master…

  • Reflections


    To succeed in your connection with your horse – to really succeed in the interaction – the aspects behind the technique need to be addressed. Techniques whether it is horsemanship, traditional dressage technique or other proved methods to train horses…

  • Reflections


    Many question the use of horses in competition and racing, and what the horses’ benefits are in this. For the welfare of horses it is important to address how horses really are treated in the human world. In my inbox…